Natural Cancer Treatments

There is no cure for cancer yet. Patients diagnosed with the disease must endure surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to attempt to kill the cancer cells off. The treatment leaves them weak and nauseous. Sometimes, their hair falls out too. Many cancer patients die when these methods don’t work. For this reason there have been many people looking into alternative treatments to heal the body naturally.

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Acupuncture and cupping are two alternative cancer treatments. Acupuncture involves inserting long thin needles in to the skin’s surface in key areas of the body. The treatment is said to alleviate many of the symptoms that occur in cancer patients. Cupping is the use of cups on the back. A vacuum is created and the cups stay there long enough to leave marks. It can be painful. During aggressive cupping practices for cancer the patient consumes a large amount of salt and must eat a very light diet with no junk food, oil, or fat in it. Stem cell therapy transplant is a controversial alternative cancer treatment Stem cells from a donated source are transplanted in to the cancer patient. Some of the side effects of stem cells being transplanted can include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Eye, heart, lung, thyroid, and bladder problems
  • Secondary cancer occurrences
  • Fertility problems

Herbal Medicine

The use of plant medicine has been around for many years. It has regained a new popularity as people turn away from pharmaceuticals that can have serious side effects and limited effectiveness over time. There are many herbal medicines available for cancer treatment and prevention. Shitaki mushrooms, ginsing, grape seed, and lei gong teng have all shown promising results. Lei gong teng is from traditional Chinese medicine. It can reduce cancerous tumors significantly in less than 40 days. Milk thistle is another herbal medicine used commonly for liver detoxification, but it can also help with the reduction of cancer cells and their growth in the body. Milk thistle benefits and side effects have been known for many years in the herbal medicine industry. Most side effects are limited to those from the release of toxins from the liver as it is cleansed.

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